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Welcome to Dilvados     

Dilvados puts the emphasis on freshness, liveliness, capturing the intense essence of fruit and the complexity that comes from years of interaction between spirit and oxygen. The key aromas of our spirits have several origins.The primary aromas from the careful selection of fruits,while the secondary and tertiary aromas originate from fermentation and art distillation.


The house of Dilvados

Dilvados is a craft distillery of premium class fruit spirits, located in Dilijan, Aghavnavanq, Armenia. We have started the production back to 2011,when there was a strategy to put the production onto higher levels and introduce the world that fruit spirits were always been a very important part of Armenians culture and history. Consequently,we have started to work on our own recipes and after 8 years of hard work, we finally got our recipes which gives the uniqueness to our fruit spirit collection. From 2019 we started selling our spirits to high class entertainment businesses.We only provide highest quality, unique and extraordinary experiences of tastes that always exceed the drinker’s expectations.

We are very sensitive to the taste, look and feel of premium spirit.

Dr. Arnak Avedikian



We are very sensitive to the taste,look and feel of premium spirits.

Check out our menu and our artisanal dishes.

To extract the soul from the fruit, one need passion and know how.

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